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Tully Meyer, senior, in one of his wrestling matchups

With winter sports in full swing, the Dragons wrestling team is much different than past year, having a smaller team than normal. This year, 22 wrestlers are competing, while 29 participated last year. 

In wrestling, a team scores points via the results of individual wrestler’s matches. The wrestler with the most points wins the match by decision. Due to the disadvantage of a smaller rooster, not as many weight classes can be fulfilled. This results in a disadvantage, as there are not as many opportunities for victory. 

Mr. Saldana, head coach, shares that the team is “struggling with injuries and illnesses” a lot this season. “One of our key wrestlers, Marcello Saldana, is out on injury and that is really affecting us.” Unfortunately the Dragons are struggling with the loss of teammates, affecting their overall participation in League. 

The Dragons are preparing for the VVAL Individual Championships on Feb 11. This meet will be hosted here at SVHS in Pfeiffer gym. Saldana remains optimistic about the remainder of the season and has high hopes for the rest of their league matches, despite the current issues with injury and a smaller team.