Fall Captains Taking Charge

This fall school sports have had a promising start to their seasons. Volleyball and football have started their seasons with winning records. This has been headed by the captains of the respective teams

Volleyball won three of its first five games against Terra Linda, Analy, and Montgomery. Leading the team are two seniors Kaden Sanders and LeeAnna Tommasi. Sanders claimed, “I’m excited to see how much we can all improve overall as a team and persevere throughout the ups and downs of the season.” The senior captain is 5’10,” has been playing for 10 years, has won MVP, and has been captain for three different teams. Leading the charge with her is LeeAnna Tommasi. LeeAnna is 5’4” and has been playing for ten years, winning MVP numerous times in her career. Currently, the team is in third place in VVAL but improving with every match.

The football team started the year 3-1 beating Terra Linda, Kelseyville, and Oakland High. Their captain, Jaren Kneeland, a senior, was asked about what he is most excited about this season. He responded with “I’m excited for my senior season and to get to play football one last time with the boys.” Jaren has been playing football since elementary school and has been leading the defense this year as the senior captain.