Girls Tennis Hits Past Challenges


After many challenges, the 2022 girls’ tennis team is finding their footing. Conditioning started for the team a week before school started, with games entering the court in September. Both practices and games were either postponed or canceled for weeks at a time due to heat and the remodeling of the courts. Despite the Dragons only having one win for  the season, the team is displaying sportsmanship.

Current team captains are senior, Peyton Rosa, Ava Jaymont and Elizabeth May. Running number one on the team for two years in a row, Solana Staes attributes her achievements to her being “insanely good.” 

The Dragons struggled through the 115 degree heat that August brought but the tennis players hated it more, canceling a week of play due to the courts being ten degrees hotter than the outside heat. Natalie Cullen, junior, stated that she and her teammates were getting dizzy while playing on the scorching courts; therefore, the coaches pulled the plug for playing in the heat not wanting to risk heat exhaustion or injuries to players. 

Another set up was when a week of practice was canceled due to remodeling the courts.  Alegria Silvi, sophomore, first year player, says she was “affected by no practice.”However it was certainly worth it, after she was asked if she preferred the old or new courts. She said, “definitely [the] new ones. They’re super smooth to play on.”

The team took their first win of the season against Petaluma on Thursday, Sept. 29. It was a home game that finished with teammates congratulating each other for their accomplishment. Tessa Gude, sophomore, who is playing her first year, said that it brought their team closer together because “we were all very proud of our win.”