Inaugural Boys Lacrosse Season – The Ups and the Downs


Anders Mathison, Sports Editor

This school year was the first year since 2019 that can be considered somewhat normal. 

   Due to the abnormalities that the Covid pandemic created, there were basically two freshman classes this year. This year was the first in person year for both sophomores and freshmen, which presented many challenges for not only administration and teachers, but for sports as well. 

   This year was clearly a year of firsts for many students, and it was also the first year that boys and girls lacrosse were instated as recognized sports at SVHS.

   This entailed all new equipment, a new coaching staff, a new schedule to create, and most importantly, new players. This was a large ordeal taken on by the boosters and administration, but it paid off.

   When asked about the efforts by the school to recognize lacrosse, sophomore Aidan Blackwood stated that “we as a team are extremely grateful for the efforts put forth by the school to make this season a possibility. The field and goals were amazing and the equipment provided by the school was top tier and helped us perform to our best abilities.” 

   As for the season itself, it understandably started off slow, with the Dragons lacking in both skill and experience. Head coach Gavin Koler stressed the importance of perseverance through adversity, and his team fought until the end of every game. 

   As the season progressed, it was clear to see that the Dragons were outmatched by teams that have had years to prepare, instead of a measly month. 

   Sophomore Tommy McCabe stated that “the beginning of our season was rough. We hadn’t truly come together as a team and because of that, we struggled mightily. However, towards the end of the season, we united, and our play reflected that, as we inched closer and closer to our first win.”

   Heading into the final game of the season, the Dragons were winless, but still they fought. 

   On their last day, the Dragons lacrosse team managed to beat St. Vincents and claim their first victory of the year. It was a magical night for both the team and the school.

   This team’s resilience and perseverance through the rough season helped pave the way for future success in the sport.