Starting Sonoma Softball


   The Sonoma Dragons Softball season has begun and the dragons are off to a slow start, posting a 2-4 record. However, they hope to change their season around as their first league game will take place on March 24, 2022. They will take on the strong fundamental Casa Grande Gauchos. 

   The team is a primarily young team with mostly sophomores, except for a few key seniors being Andee Plaskett and Ashley Amormino. While this may be a rebuilding year for the Dragon program, this team is determined to leave it all on the field and give it their all. 

   Senior Andee Plaskett is playing in her 4th year in Sonoma’s softball program. She is very happy with the team chemistry saying “I am so happy to share my last season with my fellow seniors and lots of new faces that could potentially be the future of this program.”

   Senior Captain Ashley Amormino talks about the season with high hopes when saying “Our team is full of great energy and we know how to have a lot of fun on and off the field. I am sad that this will be my last year playing but I am glad to spend it with this team and I am excited to live my life after highschool.”

   Overall the Dragons have been showing improvement and look solid this season. We wish the seniors the best of luck in their final season at SVHS. The Dragons will hope for the best this season and make our school proud regardless of their results on the field.