The Sporting World Stands With Ukraine


   There is no turning a blind eye to the conflict in Eastern Europe. The destruction that is caused and the havoc that it has wreaked can not go unnoticed. 

   Lives have been taken, people have been displaced, buildings have been destroyed, livelihoods have been ruined. The implications of this conflict range far and wide, and the sports world is not out of reach. 

   Many athletes from both countries involved have voiced their opinions on the conflict, with the vast majority siding with Ukraine. Even Russian athletes who represent their country are reprimanding its continued violence towards Ukraine, continuing the “stop the war” chants, and risking punishment from their harsh leader, Vladimir Putin. 

   Students voiced their concerns for the sporting world amid and following the detrimental conflict :

   Sophomore, Zoe Flores, claimed that “[she] believes sports will never be the same for the two “warring countries.”

   Freshman, Nick Cope, stated, “I hope lacrosse isn’t impacted… that’s really a big concern for me.”

   Sophomore, Oisin Heffernan, expressed his concern for 15-year-old Ukrainian golfer, Mykhalio Golod, by saying “Golf is my favorite sport, and Mykhailo is one of my favorite young prospects… I really feel for him and his family.”

   In the soccer world, countries like Poland and Sweden spoke out against the Russians, stating that they would refuse to play them in their World Cup Qualifier matches.. For European champions Chelsea FC, their owner, Roman Abramovich, is Russian and has massive stature in his homeland. The club recently had its assets frozen due to his involvement with the controversial country, which means that they can not spend any excess money or make any more money currently, or at least until the club is out of Abramovich’s hands. 

   Ukraine has gathered support from countless athletes in numerous sports, and it is only continuing to grow. NBA teams and Premier League soccer teams have Ukrainian flags on their jerseys. Athletes continue to use social media to speak out against Russia’s military actions, and many even go as far as to donate large sums of money to the cause. 

   With the conflict still relatively new, we have yet to see the strictest of the consequences. The entirety of the sporting world is behind Ukraine, and hopes that this conflict ends amicably, but more importantly, peacefully.