Lacrosse Teams Make History

Anders Mathison, Sports Editor

   For the first time in SVHS history, there are recognized lacrosse teams for both boys and girls. 

   Lacrosse is widely regarded as the fastest growing sport in America, and many schools are quickly adding it into their sports repertoire. 

   SVHS was in the same boat, as they had many students pushing for the addition of a school lacrosse team for years. Finally, administrators caved in, and made boys and girls lacrosse official sports.

   One central issue that many feared would interfere with the sport was funding. The school has allocated a lot of money into other projects and avenues recently, so the sports budget was lower than usual. Luckily, Boosters was able to fully fund both teams, including shorts, jerseys, helmets, pads, sticks, and even duffel bags. 

   When asked about the Boosters and their support, Senior goalie Alex Hoffman stated that “the team is very thankful for the Boosters’ support. The funding given has gone a long way both on and off the field. They are the reason that we get to represent our school in the sport we love.”

   The girls lacrosse team made history not only by being a team, but by winning the first lacrosse game in program history. This monumental win is sure to launch the Dragons into the lacrosse world. 

   When asked about the team, senior Taitum Israel stated that the team “has great energy. We all really enjoy playing with each other and we hope to not only have fun but succeed as well.”

   The boys have not had the same start, as they have struggled within their first few games, posting an 0-3 record to start their season. However, they are improving and show upside within league play as they gain much needed experience with each passing day.

   Overall, both teams are excited to finally have their sport recognized and established by the school, and hope to have fun and success on the field.