MLB v MLBPA Lockout Lifted


Joe Gitti Di Vita, Sports Writer

Baseball, the national pastime of America, came to a halt on December 2 when an MLB league-wide lockout was announced. Just over three months later, the lockout has been lifted and a full season of baseball is expected to be played.

This lockout stemmed from issues involving pay for younger players and rules about purposely tanking games in order to get a higher spot in the MLB draft. 

Senior, Adrian Buckley, claimed that he “he’s glad the season can resume play… but he kinda wished [the lockout] stayed active a little longer so star players from his favorite team wouldn’t be traded.”

By pushing back Opening Day from March 31 to April 7 and lifting the lockout, a full 162-game MLB season was able to be salvaged. The magnitude of this lockout has been seen as historic, as this was the first time since 1990 that the MLB locked out its own players. 

The first 8-figure contract that was picked up after the lockout ended was by none other than Sonoma’s hometown team, the San Francisco Giants, where they were able to sign 2021 All-Star selection, Carlos Rodón, to a two-year 44-million dollar contract. “I’m not too sure what the issue was to begin with. I thought the lockout was unnecessary… I’m just glad the Giants were able to sign Carlos Rodón ” stated junior Ryder Calhoun.

Immediately after the MLB and MLB Player’s Association were able to come to agreements regarding rookie pay, spring training resumed. With teams flocking to both Arizona and Florida to prepare for the upcoming season, “everyone’s glad the players can play again… we don’t want any more restrictions on the game” expressed junior Luc Rulmont.