Mayhem in March


Joe Gitti Di Vita, Sports Writer

For College Basketball fans, the most exciting stretch of the season has begun play; March Madness. 

March Madness is a single-elimination NCAA Division I basketball tournament composed of 68 total teams, all vying for the national championship. Made up of seven individual rounds of play where the winner advances, the games are filled with continual excitement.

Junior, Lincoln Reiter, stated that “it’s always fun being able to fill out a bracket and seeing how far I can get, as well as seeing other peoples’ brackets.” A common tradition for spectators is to take the 68 teams involved, and make a full bracket of who they believe will win every game, eventually ending with their predictions for the championship. 

In history, there’s never been a perfectly predicted bracket, solely due to the number of upset victories that are seen each year. Already most notable this year is the win of the 15 seeded St. Peters over the 2 seeded Kentucky. Avid March Madness viewer and St. Peters supporter, Antonio Esteva, was filled with glee. “That game was crazy… I can’t believe what happened.” On the other hand, Garrett Graham was extremely disappointed, as “[he] had Kentucky winning it all this year.”

With the Sweet Sixteen rounds approaching in the coming days, NCAA fans are thrilled to see what results come out of the weekend, and who will advance to the Elite Eight. Like senior Sky Staes said, “it’s pure madness.”