Burrow and the Bengals Fall to the Rams in Superbowl LVI


Although the hometown San Francisco 49ers weren’t able to pull off an upset against the Los Angeles Rams to send them to Superbowl LVI, the event was still a hit around the nation.

The Cincinnati Bengals, headed by ‘Joe Shiesty’ and Jabari Blash, were heavily backed by the American public to beat the despised Rams. Unfortunately, just like the Niners, the Bengals weren’t able to pull off a victory against the LA natives, losing 23-20 to the home team at SoFi stadium.

Junior Antonio Esteva stated that “Eli Apple threw the game. The touchdown he gave up to Cooper Kupp was horrendous, I could have covered him backwards.” While the score as the game clock hit zero didn’t please the watching majority, the close game evidently provided entertainment for spectators around the nation.

Senior Bryan Hurtado, a die-hard Los Angeles sports fan “couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome.” After jeering at his TV for the entire 60-minute game, Bryan took to Instagram to share his good spirits and praise Aaron Donald for his last-minute efforts to secure the victory for the Rams. 

Despite the loss, the Bengals were able to pull out of the 2021-2022 season with high hopes for the coming years. The team has not only proved their worth on the field, but also won a spot in football lovers’ hearts with their captivating persona and team chemistry. “I want to see [the Bengals] come back with the same energy and win it next year, it would be great to watch” claims Junior Ryder Calhoun.