Transportation Tragedies


Joe Gitti Di Vita, Sports Writer

As sports have come roaring back to life in the 2021-2022 school year, SVHS has seen a massive fall-off in transportation personnel. 

Despite all teams operating in full function, Covid has severely limited travel to away games. Girl’s soccer is one team that’s been impacted by the understaffing. Junior Marley Sutter stated, “It’s aggravating having to ask parents to drive us when they may be uncomfortable doing so.”

Not only has the lack of busses raised an issue with student-athletes, but also the school’s policy regarding student drivers. Although it’s off-campus, the teams are still participating in a school event, this holds SVHS liable for any accidents that may occur during transportation to and from the away school. Varsity wrestling senior, Justin Borgnis, claims “He understands why the rule is in place, however it takes away a simple solution to the problem.”

As winter sports head into their final month, athletes are looking to get more drivers lined up for the spring sports. “I know it’s a tough task, but more drivers would make my final sport as a senior at SVHS a lot more enjoyable” states varsity swimmer, Greyson McCaw.