Lax to the Max!

Anders Mathison, Sports Editor

 For the first time ever, lacrosse is an official sport at Sonoma Valley High School!

 Lacrosse will be instated as a sport for the upcoming spring season of 2022, and will receive funding from boosters to help kickstart their year. 

SVHS will field both a boys and girls lacrosse team, given they have both the funding and the personnel to complete the necessary roster minimum. 

Antonio Esteva, junior, is excited for the upcoming lacrosse season, stating that he is “just happy that there is finally recognition for a rapidly growing sport at the high school. Lacrosse is a physically demanding sport with a great team dynamic aspect as well.”

The team has already found a coach, SVHS alumni Gavin Koler.

Koler has already got the team in shape for their season through rigorous conditioning exercises, such as mile runs and field sprints to simulate the high level of physical condition necessary for lacrosse.

Alex Hoffman, senior, stated that he is “hopeful that there will be fans at the games,” and although it is not the most popular sport, “it is very fast-paced and enjoyable to watch.” 

Overall, lacrosse is an up and coming sport with college team and pro leagues emerging throughout not only the country, but the world. The SVHS community is glad that there is now student interest and involvement with the sport, and it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.