Antonio Brown Creates Controversy

Antonio Brown Creates Controversy

Joe Gitti Di Vita, Sports Writer

Although the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were able to put together an impressive 4th quarter drive to come from behind and upend the New York Jets, this feat was overshadowed by Antonio Brown’s dramatic departure from the sidelines during the 3rd quarter.

Headlining news networks around the nation reported that Antonio Brown’s mid-game exit sparked rumors of a possible CTE diagnosis. CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a fatal brain disease often received from repeated concussions and hard hits to the head. Although CTE can’t be diagnosed until after a person dies, symptoms such as severe mood changes can be early signs, especially in a professional football player (NHS UK).

Sophomore and starting varsity quarterback, Trent Ohman claims that “I think it could be possible for him [Antonio Brown] to have just been mad at his coach.” Regarded as a top 15 receiver in NFL history, his health is a top priority for fans around the nation as the value his performance provides to any team is undeniable. 

Mikey Serbicki, whose favorite NFL team is the Buccaneers, expressed his concern for the seven-time Pro Bowl receiver, stating “I hope he doesn’t have CTE.” Antonio Brown, who returned to his normal life on Instagram just hours after the game as if nothing ever happened, had no further comments, only blaming his actions on the fact that he’s “Super Gremlin.”