Spotlight on Super Soccer Coach Pedro Merino

Anders Mathison, Editor

Returning from their absence in 2020, the boys’ soccer team has thrived in the early stages of their season so far. 

This is due in large part to their coach, Pedro Merino, who has inspired his players to push through tough times and perform at their best. 

If coaching a team full time was not enough, Mr. Merino is also a full time teacher with a demanding course load. This leaves him little to no free time and flexibility, yet he shows up everyday, passionate and devoted to helping better the lives of his students and players. 

Senior and member of the boys soccer team, Daniel Rico, stated that “Merino has served as both a mentor and an inspiration. As a coach, he is tactically smart, and as a teacher, he strives to enhance each and every student’s learning capabilities.” 

Merino has a storied history with the game of soccer, as he has played his entire life. His knowledge is extensive, and he utilizes his past experiences to further develop his tactical genius. 

In the classroom, Merino is widely regarded as one of the best teachers in the school, as he has a well rounded curriculum that is focused on linguistic comprehension. 

Soccer is a very selective sport, making it difficult to succeed at higher levels. Merino defied these odds, as he attended the UC Berkeley, playing soccer at a Division 1 level, and nearly making it to the professional level. 

Merino’s commitment to the sport throughout his life has sparked a sense of purpose within his players, and they are currently playing amazing soccer. 

The team is looking strong, and should hopefully be poised at making a run for the league title this season.

When asked about what winning a championship would mean to the team, Daniel Rico stated that “we want to win for Mr. Merino, as he has given so much to both the sport and us as individuals. He has devoted his life to helping his students and players succeed.”

To put it simply, Mr. Merino can do it all. He has played soccer at one of the highest possible levels, used the information he gathered to become a coach, and on top of that, teaches hundreds of students every single day.