Warriors Hot Start Heats Up Dragon Fans



Despite the Golden State Warriors’ tragic play-in game exit last season, they have a dominating start to this year’s  season, starting 21-4.  They have fooled the experts who projected  that they would have a lower success record. This run of good form has resulted in the best record in the NBA.

Many were sad to see them be eliminated by the Lakers last season, however spirits are up with the Warriors impressive efforts and new stars emerging on the team. 

Recently, some new faces have been stepping up and taking major roles in the Warriors achievements, including the likes of Jordan Poole, Otto Porter Jr. and Gary Payton II. 

These new assets bring unique and unexpected strengths to the team. Junior Ryder Calhoun shared his thoughts on the new guys stating, “I think they play a big role in the team, especially Gary Payton’s defense and athleticism as well as Jordan Poole’s incredible shooting and playmaking, Poole has been playing like an All-Star this season.” 

While last season many fans enjoyed watching “the Curry show,” it is exciting to watch the 2021 Dubs playing spectacular team basketball. Fans are pumped for Klay Thompson’s return after two years. 

Junior Wally Marchus said, “I am really enjoying this season so far and think we have a good chance of making a deep playoff run.” 

Overall the team is starting to look like a contender once again, and fans love to see it. The Golden State Warriors are playing the best basketball they’ve played since Kevin Durant left for the Nets. SVHS students love to see the Warriors dominate the NBA.