Raiders’ Coach John Gruden Fired Amid Ethical Scandal

Anders Mathison, Sports Editor

John Gruden, long time figure in the NFL and former coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, was recently fired due to controversial emails being discovered and aired to the public. 

The emails span from 2010 to 2018, and include homophobic, sexist, transphobic, and mysoginistic language as well as slurs. 

When asked to comment on the situation, sophomore and starting quarterback of the Dragons’ football team, Trent Ohman, stated that he “is very disappointed hearing about the emails. [He] always looked up to the NFL coaches and players, so the fact that one could be so hurtful puzzles [him].” 

What makes these emails even more hurtful is the fact that one of Gruden’s players, defensive tackle Carl Nassib, recently came out as gay. Coming out to anyone is hard, but especially so in a sport known for its homophobia. Nassib felt the deleterious and harmful effects of the language used in the emails, as many used slurs directed at his sexual preference. 

However, these emails should not come as a surprise. The NFL has a serious issue with homophobia as well as sexism. Many claim that if investigated, most of the coaches in the NFL would be guilty of Gruden’s transgressions as well. 

The emails were uncovered as a result of a misconduct investigation into Gruden’s former employer, the owner of the Washington Football Team. 

The emails highlight that the fight against racism is not over, and that the fight against homophobia is only just beginning. 

Professional sports, especially male sports, are hotbeds for these types of comments, but the question remains: What can we do to stop them?

As a collective, we must continue to fight for equality, and call out those who demean others on the basis of their gender, race, or sexual preference.