School vs Club: Choosing Teams

As Sonoma sports seasons get underway, some players are met with a tough decision. Many play club sports that conflict with part of their school sports season, which by league rules restricts them from participating in any school sports activities until their club season is over.

This causes some players to miss most of the preseason and sometimes a chunk of the regular season for their school team. Most of the players that also play a club sport are key players for the school teams. This rule can make it difficult for a team to build chemistry when players are missing for the early parts of the season. 

One player affected by this is junior Rachel Jensen, who said that “it’s obviously hard because a lot of the starters aren’t able to do their  part for their team and also has its setbacks for the chemistry playing together.” Jensen isn’t the only one that thinks this. 

Senior Greyson McCaw also has trouble with his club swim team intervening with the school swim season, as he said that “it’s just annoying how I am unable to participate with my friends from school just because I also swim for a club.”

This is also a struggle for players trying to make it to the next level, and it restricts them from getting a chance to be seen by colleges.

These players just want to play but are limited due to these rules, which hamper the forming of team chemistry because players are forced to pick a team. 

The rules must be changed or many school teams will start their seasons without their marquee players, which causes a distinct disadvantage. 

Those in charge must take into account the players and teams affected by their policies, or else both athletes and teams will lose chances at further success.