Boys Bump Into Volleyball

After an invigorating season for the Lady Dragon’s Volleyball Team, a group of boys have taken their own initiative regarding the sport. 

With the goal of eventually constructing a boys’ school volleyball team, junior, Sam Pierce has taken the lead for the cause.

Pierce’s deep passion for the sport originated from the P.E volleyball unit where he “decided he wanted to try and make a boys’ team.”

Through the development of a school club, he’s done just that. While there’s only been one meeting to the date, Pierce has successfully recruited 93 members, hoping to get back on the court once the nets can be accessed during lunch.

Although seeming to be on the right track now, the journey for Pierce wasn’t easy. Since Covid struck SVHS, he’s “lost about a year and a half worth of efforts.” However, by attending volleyball clinics outside of school, Pierce came in contact with the SVHS girl’s team co-coach, Marcus Alphin. 

Coming to an agreement with the coach where they admitted that a boy’s team would be “sick,” Pierce has requested access to the gym after school in hopes that the club can get some extra practice in.

Through his enrollment on the Empire men’s volleyball club, Pierce has developed an extensive knowledge of the sport which he “can’t wait to share with everyone in the club.”