Masks in Sports, Consequences?


As Covid continues, protocols are starting to become more lax, however, one that hasn’t is the indoor mask mandate.

Despite being socially distanced and conducting strenuous physical activity, sporting teams that compete indoors are still required to wear masks as they play. This has raised questions regarding how the regulations may impact players’ performances.

Sophomore, Charlie Giller “understands why [the masks] are required for safety concerns,” but believes “that if all players are vaccinated, they shouldn’t be required during play.” Junior, Antonio Esteva, echoed his statement, claiming that “wearing a mask during any sport makes the activity much more difficult than usual.”

While the masks have spectators confused, the influence on sporting performance can be taken from the athletes themselves. SVHS Volleyball starter, Audrey Powers, credits masks with negatively affecting her communication ability on the court. “They make it more difficult to talk to your teammates… especially in an already loud gym” claims Powers.

Due to their help in the fight against Covid, masks are a necessity in everyday life. However, it’s a shared opinion that when the mandate begins to clash with athletes’ ability to fulfill their sporting potential, it may be time for new rulings to take precedence.