Tennis Sweeps Senior Night


The final fall sport to have its Senior Night, Girl’s Tennis walked away with a clean sweep against the Napa Grizzlies on Oct. 19.

Starting off with a ceremony led by the head coach Mary Kate Dreyer, or ‘MK’, the senior athletes were able to receive recognition for their accomplishments and hard work throughout the season. 

Many of the girls also had their parents in attendance to watch their commemoration, as well as to document the unique experience.

One spectator, senior Sean Tomany, claimed that “he loved the ceremonies… but he was really [looking] forward to observing the girls’ ability to play,” as he participates on the Boy’s Tennis Team in Spring.

Succeeding the ceremonies, the SVHS Tennis Team kicked off their night with singles matches. In dominating fashion, the Varsity Dragons wiped the floor with the Grizzlies, taking home a victory in all four matches. Followed by three doubles matches, the pairs were able to equal their teammates’ singles performances, leading to a clean sweep of the Napa High Grizzlies.

This match, which concluded their season, left a lasting impact on the team. Varsity starter, Liv Dougherty, stated that it was “an extreme morale boost to have everyone win their matches,” while teammate Kelsei Jimenez thought she “was able to inspire the underclassmen on the team with her performance.”