The Start of Winter Sports Conditioning Has Raised Covid Protocol Questions

Anders Mathison, Sports Editor

The start of conditioning for the upcoming Winter sports season has brought up Covid protocol questions regarding the safety of the participating students and coaches.

The return of school this fall has seen the implementation of new and improved protocols in relation to the severity of the Covid virus in our county.

The district has enforced a strict mask mandate indoors, but legally can only “strongly recommend” masks outdoors, due to certain guidelines from higher powers. 

In regards to sports conditioning, certain measures have been taken to ensure the safety of those participating. 

Athletic Director Mike Boles, specifically for basketball training, has implemented the same protocols as the school, with the addition of attendance sheets and Covid questionnaires as further safety measures. 

Sophomore basketball star, William Breall, stated, with reference to the guidelines, that “both the coaching staff and players have been taking the protocols seriously” as “we do not want our season to be in jeopardy.” 

These protocols, however tedious they may seem, are completely necessary for maintaining a safe training environment, and their implementation will help ensure, hopefully, a Covid free Winter sports season.