Lack of Participation in Sports Lead to Diminishing Number of Teams

Anders Mathison, Sports Editor

 As the year has gotten started, it is clear that there is a major lack of participation in not only school events, but sporting events as well.  The number of sports teams as well as participants have waned in comparison to recent years, and many are asking: Why?

Dylan Cusick, senior and former member of the cross country team, stated that “in cross country, there were very few people on the team to begin with, and in the first week, many quit. Cusick further went on to say that there were seniors who decided to quit the team, but he was surprised at the number of underclassmen who ended their running careers early as well. 

This highlights a major problem within the SVHS sports program, which is a lack of underclassmen participation in teams.

This is due in part to the fact that both classes in the underclass haven’t had a real year of high school under their belts, as the sophomores had their freshman year online. 

This is not only seen in sports, but also in other school events, specifically in the immaturity of the audience, due in part to the underclassmen who have not experienced such events and therefore do not know how to act respectfully. 

Furthermore, within the sports world, the water polo team has been completely depleted, as opposed to past years where they have been dominant. 

Senior water polo star, Sierra Pine, said that “it is really disappointing that there is no more water polo team.” Many seniors echo her thoughts, hoping that the same doesn’t happen to their favorite sports. 

This lack of participation highlights a struggle in the return to normality, and only time will tell if the struggle will continue.