Good News for SVHS Sports World!


Sophie Lucchetti and Dom Girish

After taking an abrupt halt almost a year ago on March 13, 2020 sports are finally making a long-awaited return. 

   Last week the purple tier sports returned to action. Those sports include Boy’s and Girl’s golf, Boy’s and Girl’s tennis, Boy’s and Girl’s swimming and diving, and Boy’s and Girl’s cross country.

   Recent California news updates have been positive for the sports world. After protesting and urging Governor Gavin Newsome to “let the children play” the regulations regarding sports took a positive turn. 

   Sports such as football, softball, soccer, cheerleading, baseball, lacrosse, and Waterpolo are now able to begin safe play. 

   Sonoma county is finally making the turn from the purple tier to the red tier. This will be the first time the county will move down in the Covid-19 tier system since the cancellation of last year’s Spring sports seasons. If the county can continue to lower the number of cases, sports in the yellow tier will be able to begin. 

   Students are itching to play sports despite the continuous COVID-19 pandemic that has stopped most athletes from playing up until recently. Despite the setback, VVAL teams are keeping sharp by practicing outdoors and adhering to Covid-19 protocols.