Covid Hampers and Helps Fantasy Football


Rollo Benstead, Writer

As covid keeps getting in the way of more and more things this year, an unexpected popular app is also taking a hit. Fantasy Football is one of the most used apps in America during football season.

Fantasy football is an online competitive game in which you draft a team with all your friends and compete for your online league’s “Super Bowl.”

Joe DiVita, junior, states, “I love Fantasy Football; this year I really got into it, however with covid blooming, all of my best players keep missing games because of the NFL’s poor covid-19 policy.”

In fantasy, you draft a team of NFL players, and depending on how they play in real life, they get your points on the Fantasy app. For example, if your player gets a touchdown, that is 6 points. If they rush the ball for 20 yards, that is 2.0 points, and a reception is 1 point.

Usually, everyone goes crazy over fantasy. This year looked to be the same, however many star players are getting sick, leading more and more people to be aggravated about the NFL’s covid rules. Having to sit out your starting wide receiver or running back in a must-win week is detrimental to your team.

Joey Fiorito, junior, said, “I had a must-win week to make the playoffs, I was relying on my star running back to carry my team to victory, when I saw he was placed on the covid-19 list, my heart sank.”

Fantasy football is booming at SVHS, even the teachers have a league! Mr. Gibson, The AP US History teacher stated, “As for covid’s impact… I think the lack of the usual training camp has something to do with all the injuries that have taken place, the game cancellations were annoying too, having to replace a quality player with something off the waiver wire scrap heap. But I have to say that football and FBB have been huge comforts for me personally…it also allows me to have fun with my friends who happen to be teachers.”

If Mr. Gibson and the teachers can do it, so can you! So next year go get a group of friends and try it out yourself! And hopefully, next year covid will not interfere with your team.