Final Decision Made for SVHS Logo on New Sporting Facility


New field logo that will be feature at mid-field.

Dom Girish and Anders Mathison

After multiple surveys were pushed out to the student body at SVHS, a final decision has been made on the logo that will be placed on the Dragon’s new field. 

The new logo (featured above) will be the midfield  showcase of the school’s new sporting facility. 

It was chosen through a series of surveys sent out by administration, beginning with four options and whittling it down to two.

The student body chose option three, which depicts a green dragon on a shield of slate gray and white, with the words Sonoma Valley Dragons written below. 

Junior, Elena Forrest, mentioned, “I think that was the best option out of all of the choices. It will look great on our new field, and I am excited to attend games when the facility is completed!”

Students of all grades are eager to see the new SVHS logo and can’t wait to attend many sporting events at their new state-of-the-art facility.