Rollo Benstead

While the NFL has opened up its games to the public, they have limited attendance to 10-20% of the stadiums full capacity because of COVID.The restrictions are based on trying to contain COVID as much as possible.

The Jets, the 49ers, and the Seahawks, have opted out of having any fans attend their games.

In Miami, the Dolphins have been given permission to have a full stadium of over 60,000 people. However they have not allowed this and are only allowing 12,000 fans in the stadium at a time.

TMZ Sports said, “The Miami Dolphins have been granted permission from the governor of Florida to allow full capacity at Hard Rock Stadium.You read that correctly. We’re talking 65,000 seats. In the middle of a pandemic.”

However, the Dolphins have chosen to only allow 12,000 fans to reduce the spread of the virus.