Mountain Biking Sparks Interest Among High School Students

Anders Mathison, Sports

Though lacking an official team, SVHS mountain bikers still show their love for the growing sport in various ways.

During these trying times, SVHS mountain bikers have been able to bike outdoors, even with friends, while safely adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. 

The popular sport lured freshman, William Breall because he “got into mountain biking to relieve stress from [his] everyday life.”

The sport includes aerobic exercise while allowing for time in nature. Bikers note riding is relaxing and medically beneficial.   What makes the sport of mountain biking so appealing is that it has no rules, which aids in its popularity. It is easy for newcomers to pick up, as all they need is a bike to participate. 

When asked what he enjoys, Breall elaborated by stating that

“when I’m biking, I feels like I can do anything, and being out in nature helps free my mind.””

— William Breall

Despite the sport not being as popular in high schools compared to other age groups, more and more teenagers each year are getting on their bikes and going out for rides.