Boys’ Soccer Off To A Chilly Start

Nicolas Spanger and Max Handron

  Struck by injury, the boys’.

soccer team has had an underwhelming season. The team has still yet the opportunity to play a single game since the season started with their full team.

  Junior, Alan Amezquita, has been one of the players plagued by injury and has not participated in a game since early December. Amezquita states, “Although are season has not gone as expected, the team has continued to stick together.”

  This strong bond between the players has kept them in the running for the NCS tournament despite the numerous injuries.

  Junior, Edwin Alvarez, comments on their unexpected season, “We weren’t expecting so many of our players to get injured throughout the season and I’m not sure were gonna make the playoffs this year because of it.”  

  Coming off the loss against Casa Grande, the boys’ soccer team advance to an overall record of 2-4 leaving them at 3rd place in league. Both of the players agree that Vintage is the best team in the league. This is strengthened by Vintage’s 7-0-1 record in league.

  Even though the soccer team has experienced the rough patches in this year’s season, both of the players plan on playing next year and are excited for the potential their team has for the future.