En Garde!


Riley Phelan and Noah Fruge

  Luis Esteva, a junior, fences at the Napa Valley Fencing Academy. He has been fencing for five years and has won multiple medals, but his favorite memory of fencing is, “When he went to Sacramento and beat a female Olympian from Panama.”

  He goes to tournaments all around the Bay Area for fencing. If you want to play, you start off by signing up for tournaments online. In fencing, there are three types of fencers: Saberistas, Foilists, and Epeeists. Esteva is a Saberista, and undefeated right now. He is ranked E in the country.

  You begin without a ranking, but once you beat enough opponents, you become ranked in the country.

E rated is the first level of rankings, going all the way up to D, C, B, A. You have to beat people to become rated in the country.

  After high school, Esteva wants to continue fencing as a hobby and work towards competing at an Olympic level.