Ecology Students Pass On Passion

Sam Weisiger, Feature Editor

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Fully funded and ready to pass on their knowledge, members of the SVHS Ecology Club begin to hold weekly ecology lessons for elementary students. Next to advisor Mr. Elijah Coon’s classroom, the club holds lessons on Fridays once every month.

  With meetings led by club President Rae McGrath, a Sophomore, elementary students are able to see various types of animals and, according to Mr. Coon,“various natural history specimens showcased in the middle of the M building.”

  Club members including Vice President Jack Yeates and Secretary Colin Gilman, use living examples to teach elementary students about the animal kingdom. According to Mr. Coon, “club members are able to pass on their passion, and really find their place on campus.”

  With a wide variety of animals on display including “4 species of snakes, a bearded dragon, argentine tegu, tarantula, scorpion, hedgehog and chinchilla,” club meetings give elementary students the opportunity to interact with different variety of animals all throughout the animal kingdom.

  Despite the last meeting being delayed due to the dangerous air quality, members of the club are still eager to share their knowledge with the next generation of students.