Hairy Styles

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Hairy Styles

Sam Weisiger, Feature Editor

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 Bristly beards and luxuriant hair were seen all around the SVHS campus as the first few weeks of No Shave November come to a close.

 For a few years, students and staff at SVHS participate in the movement to celebrate having hair by letting it grow long in commemoration of cancer patients who cannot grow their hair out due to the treatments they are receiving.

  Second year No Shave November participant and Senior Jack Craig described his efforts to grow out his facial hair as “going according to plan,” later adding that his favorite part of growing his beard out is being able to “scratch it like Obi-Wan.”

  First year participant and Senior Daniel Gallo surprised fellow SVHS classmates with his efforts to grow a beard for the month of November. Satisfied with his efforts to grow out his facial hair so far, Gallo explains how he is not only supporting the movement, but also “showing the world he has a masculine side.”

  Despite the belief that men are the only participants, Senior Maddie Jaycox, disregards gender roles by growing out her hair. Proud of her decision to participate in the national movement, Jaycox explains how she is,“going all out no shave!”

  Many No Shave November participants at SVHS are aware of the motive behind the movement to not cut your hair and donate the money you would usually use to shave or cut your hair to treatment for cancer patients. Senior, and second year participant, Dane Paulson explained, “I have no money to donate, but I still want to participate.”

  Even though most No Shave November participants at SVHS are unable to donate money to cancer patients in need of treatment, participants are still trying to support the movement by not cutting their hair for the entire month of November.