Hungry For More? Feed The Dragon

Ivy O'Donnel and Regan Wheatley

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with family and friends, while indulging in mounds of food. Members of the SVHS staff and faculty share their favorite recipes when this time of year rolls around.

  Attendance Coordinator Crystal Morgan shares her own Sweet Potato Pie recipe. You’ll need “sweet potatoes, brown sugar, butter, cinnamon. Then, peel the potatoes, boil, and put through the rice cooker until it’s fluffy. Put marshmallows on top and bake until it’s crispy and brown!”

  Civics and Economics teacher Mr. Craig Tierney describes his favorite part of Thanksgiving feast, “those store bought gelatin canned cranberry sauce. It just schlops right on the plate.”

   If you’re looking for an unusual Chesapeake Bay traditional meal, Library Technician Jamie Laster’s recipe might be the way to go. It’s an “oyster stuffing dish. Because I’m from Maryland, it’s my favorite.”

  Even though Academy Director Wendy Swanson is the designated pie baker of her Thanksgiving experience, she “love[s] the stuffing. Just regular stuffing.”

  This Thanksgiving, indulge in  Dragon’s staff favorite Thanksgiving foods. Try these recipes at home this fall, or stick to your favorite comfort food!


If you’re in need of a Pumpkin Pie recipe, Mr. Beard swears by his. To find this recipe, go to