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Expanding Horizons: Students Call for Diverse Elective Choices

ingrid derby
Students in the Foods class are hard at work making cookies during their elective time

In light of students making schedule selections this week, we are highlighting electives. Out of the 45 elective classes that SVHS has, students still yearn for more elective choices to further their interests in future careers. Those 45 electives include at least 13 art-based classes, 12 language classes, 4 agricultural classes, 9 craftsmanship classes, and 2 culinary classes, Yearbook, Newspaper, dance, Avid, AP Human Geography, and Leadership. 

However, many students are outspoken about the fact that some of these electives are not in line with their career paths and do not interest them. While some of these electives meet the A-G requirements, most students believe that adding more specific curriculums would benefit their future careers, while still meeting the requirements.

After interviewing students, many have brought up a desire to indulge themselves in career-based electives. For example, José Santos, senior, said he would be interested in a Drivers Ed elective or a class in hunting. Introducing a Driver’s Ed course would motivate more students to get their driver’s license and eliminate the unfair cost in California at the DMV.

Fiona Lynch, sophomore, said she would “love to see a marine biology class or sewing class.” However, the problem arises of whether or not teachers would be willing to teach these new electives and have enough teachers to teach these other electives, and whether there would be enough students to fill the classes, potentially taking away attendance from current electives. 

Mr. Anderson, the Metal Shop and ceramics teacher, said he wouldn’t be opposed to adding electives, but his schedule is too busy to teach anything new. Although there are issues with finding teachers who would be willing and qualified to teach new electives, Mr. Hansen, the Video Arts teacher expressed his desire for a change to the school, saying he would love to start a speech communications class “for students who are quiet or shy and want to get better in their fluency.” 

However, subjects such as Newspaper, Yearbook, and Advanced Video Arts are community-based electives, producing the school newspaper, yearbook, and broadcasts. Yet, with the addition of new electives, the established classes have the potential to be threatened or removed. 

Adding new electives intrigues most, but some students have expressed passion for the ones they’re taking now. Matt Jordan, senior, said, “I aspire to open a chain of restaurants named ‘Matt’s Wraps,’” taking inspiration from his Foods class. Finn Hartnett, junior, is also enrolled in Foods and says that he will use his cooking skills in the future. 

Understandably, new electives can be appealing to students, offering them the opportunity to explore different interests. However, it’s also true that the introduction of new electives can pose challenges. Time constraints, availability of qualified teachers, and student interest and enrollment can all impact the feasibility of adding or maintaining certain electives on campus. Balancing these factors is crucial for providing students with a diverse and enriching educational experience.

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