Float Fest Disarray Jeopardizes Future

Alexis Lage & Annie Robichaud, News Writers

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The annual Homecoming pre-party, Float Fest, was booming Thursday night until a sudden ending that confused the crowd. The event was cut short by 30 minutes because of out-of-control students.

  Float Fest is held in the back of the school by the pavilion and locker rooms with open entrances in every direction. Principal Justin Mori felt that “the floats were very well done and the effort was clear from all the classes.”

  There were food trucks, music, dancing and lights.

  As the night evolved, the party escalated, and it was clear that a few students were making some questionable choices. This caused the administration to step in, pulling students from the crowd that they suspected were intoxicated.

   “Students were engaging in activities that we don’t want students engaging in,” Principal Mori explained. Because there were people who were not SVHS students at the event, administration could not ensure student safety.

  The next day, students and parents received an email and phone call explaining the early ending.

 Principal Mori stated that “we live in a small town where everyone hears everything, so we decided to stop rumors before they started and told the truth.”

  Since the event, rumors have been swirling that float fest will not be put on next year. Administration plans to keep this tradition alive, but with major changes.

  “I still want it to be a student planned event. The goal would be for the Leadership class to propose ideas to fix the student safety concerns,” included Principal Mori.

  While there is uncertainty of the future of Float Fest, the administration wants students to keep in mind that their job is to ensure student safety and that is why changes are looming.

  The sophomore float began as a dancefloor but later in the night turned to stage diving and reckless partying.

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Float Fest Disarray Jeopardizes Future