Ada Limón, Poet Laureate, Makes SVHS Proud


SVHS was the home of the Sonoma Valley Authors Festival Student Day for the second time this school year on Friday April 28.  This time hosting Danielle Feinberg, Stacey Schiff, Ada Limón and Silvia Vasquez-Lavado. Ada Limón was named the 24th Poet Laureate of the United States by the Librarian of Congress. This made her the first Latina to be Poet Laureate of the United States.

Limón is a former SVHS graduate of the class of 1993. Students were not only in awe of having the United States poet laureate speak to them but were equally impressed that she is a former Dragon.

When asked about how she can continue to come up with such creative and thoughtful ideas for her poems, Limón stated” being interested in life and what it means to be a human being in this time period” Many of her poems draw inspiration from everyday experiences and observations.

After listening to Ada Limón’s presentation, you could really tell how passionate she is about her work and art style. The country has recognized the Poet Laureate not just once but for the first time ever, for three terms. When asked who inspires her the most in her writing, she respond with,” My Dad is my biggest inspiration, but growing up in a household full of different kinds of artists, I was encouraged and supported in my field of work.”

Limón revealed to the school that she is not only breaking records as the Poet Laureate but also is being honored by NASA. She has not revealed what the poem will be, but NASA requested she write a poem to be engraved onto the side of a satellite(in gold) that will be going to the second moon of Jupiter.