JC and Rhiannon: Prom Royalty


As prom was in full swing April 29, and the upperclassmen were enjoying the night, a group from leadership came to the microphone, gathering the attention of the crowd. After introducing all of the candidates they announced the winners. JC Olvera and Rhiannon Stuckey were declared Prom King and Queen.

Stuckey reflected, “I am so happy that I was able to be awarded this with someone who is so special to me. I love everyone who supported us both, and appreciate it so much.”

Voting took place at the door, with the students checking in each receiving a ballot to vote, with a ballot box sitting at the coat check section near the entrance. After voting, students walked down a short path to the beautiful setting of B.R. Cohn, decked out with casino tables, balloons, signs, lights and various Vegas themed activities. 

Many of the prom courts campaigned the day of and before, which helped the pair win prom royalty, as they campaigned together. After being crowned, the couple received cheers, joyously dancing in the center of the prom crowd, sharing a special moment.