Meet 2023 Prom Royalty


With the ten members of the 2023 Prom Court announced, we interviewed candidates about their campaigns and their chances to be crowned prom royalty. Some promoted themselves on social media, often with a running partner. Of the ten final candidates, only two are running without a partner. 

Mariah Burgos launched her campaign by talking to classmates to encourage voting for her and making an Instagram story campaign to be spread. Her campaign manager is Andre Temperatura, senior. Her running mate, Arley Barios, affirmed, “I am a first generation Mexican American,” and he thinks “he’s pretty cool.” 

Jennifer Correa Calvario and Ericzander Salomon Reyes are running together because, “it’s our last year here.” Ericzander humorously shared that, “there’s no real reason people should vote for me.”

Belle Birge is running for prom candidate, and was originally running with her boyfriend who did not make the ballot. She “didn’t really think she would get voted for,” so she’s running for fun and promoting herself through social media.

Lincoln Reiter is excited to be voted for Prom Court. Because he did not make Homecoming Court this year, he’s making up from the fall. 

Rhiannon Stuckley shared that she is very excited to be voted Prom Court and is running with her boyfriend, JC Olivera. She expressed that she had been encouraged by her mom to try something new. Olvera encourages people to vote for him because he is a “fun person,” and thrilled to be running with Rhiannon Stuckley. 

Josh Nava and Abril Sanchez Navarro are running together. Abril expressed that she thinks people should vote for her because, “I’m fun and I like to make people laugh,” and that she has “always wanted to be apart of Prom Court” 

The final vote is set for the night of Prom, with juniors and seniors able to fill their ballots after check-in.