MUN Travels to the Windy City


Every year, the Model UN (MUN) club at SVHS go on the famed trip, to attend a Model United Nations conference with countless other schools. This year, they travel to the Windy City, to Northwestern University in Chicago, on April 13-16. 

At this conference, the students take the role of the ambassadors and emulate the different countries that attend real United Nations conferences. They debate contemporary issues, and work to hypothesize possible solutions. 

Because every student represents a different country, SVHS MUN members simulate a different role or country at the meeting. So, SVHS students do not all have the same role, resulting in different experiences for all. The event draws students from across the country which means students may find themselves representing another job other than a country, like the press corps or the British House of Commons, among many other jobs. 

For example, current club co-president Sam Cutting emulated the news organization CNN last year at UC Berkeley. The other co-president Hannah Volat represented South Korea at the meeting.

Cutting says that 21 SVHS members will attend this year, all having to participate in club activities and assignments to be able to attend. The club’s teacher advisor, Mr. Tierney, will chaperone the MUN group on the trip, and along with the conference, MUN plans to sight see.

In the past the club has gone as far as Washington DC, or as close as UC Berkeley, but now ventures to Chicago, where they will form a true model of the United Nations with students across the country.