Convention Week Dominated by Colors, Spirit


Students will have the opportunity to support their school spirit by participating in the dress up days starting on March 6.. On Wednesday, the ASB Convention will start, with history classes representing each state. This day is where those students who represent the states dress up to emulate that state, emphasizing different aspects of the state. For example, people representing Texas will dress up as cowboys or cowgirls. 

The rest of the week has spirit days as well. Monday will be Pajama day, Tuesday is slate colors, Thursday is throwback Thursday and Friday is class colors. For Tuesday, all students can show their support for they slate they wish to win, as wearing white supports Slate 2, pink supports Slate 3, purple supports Slate 4, and black supports Slate 5. 

Additionally on Friday, there will also have a carnival later in the day, as well as the selling of tutus of each colors class (freshman-yellow, sophomores-orange, juniors-purple, seniors-green). This week will be filled with school spirit and intense excitement with the future of SVHS being decided.