New Set Nailed Down


Nail fashion is full of different designs and colorful palettes that have shifted the nail industry. While acrylics are still in style, the natural nail look has also found its way to influence social media. New upcoming designs backed by social media influencers take the stage in nail fashion trends, like Hailey Beiber’s iconic chrome nails. 

The nail fashion industry has risen in popularity but has failed to address the dangers associated with the use of acrylic on natural nails. The public has recently become increasingly aware that acrylic nails have been associated with infections as well as allergic reactions from the rough chemicals that burn into the nail bed. Is that a reasonable price to pay for beautiful nails? 

When asked, some SVHS students expressed their love for the classic look of their natural nails, with others also sporting acrylics with varying designs and getting a fill monthly. 

The art of nail fashion is influential with both women and men who explore their self-expression through colorful designs and prints on their nails. Men who wear nails which are traditionally associated with femininity seek to bend the social characteristics of traditionally male gender roles. For example, many big influences and widely known artists like Harry Styles use nail fashion to express themselves in a non-traditional way. 

Nail fashion does not hold back individuality, it opens up society to originality.