Gold or Silver Jewelry?


When it comes to jewelry, gold and silver have been controversial topics with many different rules surrounding who can wear what. Thousands of years ago gold was worn as a decorative piece for the wealthy who could afford the expensive material. Gold jewelry has been seen as a symbolization of wealth, health, and vitality, while silver symbolizes the moon and is said to bring good luck. Regardless of the meaning, students all have their own preferences for jewelry and how they choose to style it. 

In general, guys tend to wear silver jewelry more than gold. Max Harrison, junior, prefers silver because it “is more elegant and shines better,” though, “it depends on the outfit.”Benicio Delgado, junior, like silver because it looks better on him. However Kerry James, senior, states she wears particularly silver with diamonds but likes to “switch it up” and wear gold necklaces.

There are many stereotypes surrounding jewelry color including the belief that silver and gold can’t mix or that the color you choose is based solely on skin tone. Gold Jewelry tends to flatter warm undertone skin, whereas silver complements cooler tones. Natalia Proctor, a sophomore, says she prefers gold due to her skin tone but occasionally sports silver. However, Callie Diggins, a freshman, loves gold and feels “gold always looks better.” And Lesly Subillagaiz, senior, explained she wears mainly gold because you “don’t have to take it off when showering.” 

There are many different rules and strong opinions surrounding Jewelry but students at SVHS vary in the type of jewelry they prefer.