Laughing Back on 2022


Megan McAuliffe and LeeAnna Tommasi, seniors holding 2022 yearbook.

 The 2022 school year was a year full of laughter, loss, and joy. There are several events to look back and reflect on. We began this year with a new principal, Mrs. Kiss. She instituted several new ideas and safety protocols that have improved the school overall. Additionally, the new vice principals, Mr. Snow, Mrs. Dowdy, and Mr. Schloesser all were added to our administration this school year. With all these factors included, the school campus improved dramatically as changes that were needed last school year were put into effect for the 202-23 school year. 

   A major topic of controversy was the teacher contracts at SVHS. For months the Valley of the Moon Teachers’ Association had tense negotiations with SVUSD, which eventually came to a satisfactory conclusion. Teachers received an 8% increase in salary, which was a major improvement to previous salaries for SVHS – 14% lower than the state average for teacher pay. During this time the superintendent was absent for three weeks, only to return after the conflict was over. Then he left via his separation contract. 

    The new bathroom policy utilizing Minga also proved to be a very controversial addition to SVHS in 2022. Most students felt that the app added unnecessary steps to simply leaving to use the bathroom. Minga was also used instead of off-campus cards, and the act of navigating through the app paired with slow loading speeds made driving off campus more of a hassle for juniors and seniors. 

   Additionally, the new pool that was under construction last winter officially opened in the fall of this year. The boys’ water polo team was fortunate enough to use the pool for several of their end of season games. This new addition to the campus has not only brought the community closer to our school, but also allowed sports teams more ideal circumstances for games and practices. The 2022 fall sports season was very successful and many of the senior Dragons had their final games. Girls varsity volleyball did exceptionally well, going 17-10 overall and placing fourth in the league, while varsity football greatly improved since their last season, picking up four wins and placing in NCS.

   As last year’s school season came to an end, prom was a large event for all juniors and seniors. This was the first prom put on by the school since Covid-19 changed the school’s dynamic. The venue was absolutely stunning as the school was lucky enough to rent the Viansa winery. Similarly to dances, Homecoming week was another large 2022 hit. Leadership put on many great events such as powderpuff, homecoming court, Friday night football game, spirit days, float fest, and the parade. Rhiannon Stuckey, a senior, stated that “the Plaza rally was my favorite event of the past school semester because the homecoming court was full of seniors I knew and they were able to roast one another which was really funny.” 

   Overall the 2022 semester was full of events and exciting new circumstances. Ingrid Derby, a junior, stated that “it felt good going into junior year even though I was expecting it to be hard. My amazing friends and support of teachers helped me get good grades that I’m proud of and I overall accomplished a lot.”