April Break Secured


McKenna Finley and Ashlynn Armitage

The week of designated emergency days that are scheduled to create a second and unofficial “spring break” is set for April 11-14, 2023 and will not be canceled even if storms and rain lead to a school closure.

The backup days, officially titled emergency School Closure Make-up Days, were added to the yearly calendar in light of fires and power outages in previous years that caused students to miss school. The SVUSD’s website states that, “If we have emergency School Closure during the year, these days will be used to replace any missed days of instruction.” Emergency School Closure covers any reason why school would be canceled for reason such as fires, power outages, earthquakes, flooding, and other emergency scenarios. 

The emergency days were officially set to create the planned second break in April. The first  official Spring Break is March 13 to 18. The second break would follow Easter weekend. Members of the SVHS community worried that recent threats of floods would disrupt their planned vacations.

Erin Garrett, principal’s secretary, confirmed that the break would be set regardless of recent weather. Garrett also speculated that next year there will be no emergency break built into the schedule. The SVUSD community can be rest assured they will have a week off in April regardless of flooding in the coming weeks.