Thanksgiving Thoughts


What are you grateful for? Thanksgiving Day is a yearly national holiday  that honors the harvest and other bounties of the previous year. Asking the students and staff of SVHS, many stated they were thankful for their family and friends. 

Tita Rodriguez, Senior, says that she is grateful for “food” and “[her] family.” 

Griffin Brophy, Sophomore, states that he is grateful for his “sports team” which is the boys soccer team, and “the teachers here at school.”

Wally Marchus, Senior, says he is thankful for his phone. 

Jack Lewis, Freshman, says he is thankful for his parents.

Rosabella Bell, Senior, stated she is thankful for, “assorted beverages.” 

Joshua Nava, Senior, says he is thankful for,“living within walking distance of April,”his girlfriend, also a senior also at the highschool. 

Chris Anspach shares what he is thankful for, he says, “One would be my dog, my wife, and the new Taylor Swift tour.” 

Dan Dayoa says that he is grateful for, “Shelly, my playstation five, because it will get me through the hard times.” 

Bebe Bartos says that she is thankful for “administration, mostly really good students being nice to me, and that we have beautiful days.”