Spooky Season Haunts the Hallways


Fall is in the air, and SVHS is ready for it. With Halloween approaching, students and staff have been decorating all around campus. The decorations consist of pumpkins, spider webs, scarecrows and more. With the leaves turning orange and the weather getting cooler Leadership has organized spirit days relating to the upcoming holiday.

Students around campus were interviewed about their opinion on the decorations and what they would change about it. Kerry James, senior responded with” I think everyone did a great job, I think it could be really cool if the decorations were more spread around campus.” Tita Rodriguez also stated that the Halloween decorations, “are giving pumpkin patch energy” this year. 

Dan Dayao, campus supervisor, was asked about his participation on Halloween, saying, ” I will be dressing up as a contestant in Squid Game. It’s gonna be freezing, and I will most likely have to change but I’m excited to participate.”

Gonzalo Ceja, freshman, was asked if he was excited to dress up for Halloween, but he said, “No, I haven’t dressed up since 6th grade, I feel like I’ve outgrown it.” Student Voice Oliver Dorantes said, “Yes, I am very excited to dress up Monday. I am going to be wearing an astronaut with a racing helmet.”

In addition to the decorations, P.E. teacher Ms. Green’s Avid class had a contest where her students carved and decorated pumpkins and hosted a contest. The top four contestants painted their pumpkins to look like characters from Despicable Me, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hello Kitty, and Lilo and Stitch. You can see the pumpkins on campus if you look hard enough, so if you do, be sure to congratulate the contenders on their creativity. In addition to this Libraran Ms. Hansen set up a haunted hallway at the entrance of the library which included many spooky decorations and even a fountain of FAKE blood.