Fight over Flight?


After coming from a long two years stuck in isolation due to Covid, school has been challenging for many students. The administration has claimed the number of fights this year has been less compared to prior years. Their goal this year is to change bad habits, and create a healthy and encouraging environment for students. 

Mrs. Dowdy, vice principal, explained that the admin team strives to connect with their students to get to the root of the problem.  The goal is to find direct sources for care  that struggling students might be need such as mental health help. This year the wellness center is involved with addressing mental health issues.

She notes that it is difficult working in the office, where many students fear the inside of those closed administrative doors. Dowdy wants the students to understand that the office should be a restorative and confidential space where the information the student shares is safe. 

The administration wants to keep students in school, but in many cases the individuals involved in violence on school campuses will be faced with suspension. The admin is following district guidelines to treat every fight differently, and to try and make the best decisions based on the fights severity, and students well-being. 

This school year, Advisory has been made for a period of time for a “building block for encouragement” Mrs. Kiss states. Many lessons have been shared for the students to have the information they need to continue to be safe in school, as well as having a good time.