Attention! New Hoco Requirements


Destiny Tapia Stevens, Writer

SVHS will be using a new website that must be used to purchase dance tickets, Myschoolcentral. Its predecessor, GoFan, will now only be used for non-dance school events. This app will be used to make sure every student is in good standing. If a student has not completed the process they will not be able to attend homecoming.

Admin will also be breathalyzing students at random when entering and during the event. 

 To register for your ticket: 

  • Go to the link
  • Click My Account
  • Click Register for an account and use school email
  • Check email for registration confirmation
  • Go to My Family and enter in your student(s) using their Name & Student ID#
  • Click Submit once on the payment page!

When finished you will then select the preferred payment method; cash, credit card, and credit card with ASB. You will be emailed your receipt. From October 11th – October 14th tickets will be sold by Leadership who will check your receipt and double check your payment method.

If you do not have this receipt, Leadership will not take any sort of payment from the student. Additionally, if a student’s payment is given to Leadership but they did not fill out the app they will still not be able to attend Homecoming. 

Students with ASB will pay $10 for a ticket, students without will pay $15. Leadership students will pay $8 dollars for a ticket.