Homecoming is…


Vince Basada

Tully Meyer Preparing to strike a pinata at the Hoco Carnival on Oct. 11.

  • A week of school spirited activities
  • Homecoming Court, a group of 10 seniors voted by the seniors
  • Homecoming Royalty, a pair of 2 from the court voted on by students (announced at halftime of football game)
  • Events centered around the theme SEASONS
  • Spirit all week! 
    • Monday-jersey, 
    • Tuesday- twins day 
    • Wednesday- pink out 
    • Thursday- class colors
    • Friday- dress as your class season
      • Freshman: Spring
      • Sophomore: Winter
      • Juniors: Fall
      • Seniors: Summer
  • Tuesday: Homecoming Carnival at Lunch!
  • Thursday: A friendly competition between the classes through floats called Float Fest! A dance party with all the finished floats! At the basketball courts from 6-8 pm!
  • Friday: A parade down Broadway to Plaza amphitheater for Homecoming Rally during school!
  • Friday: A huge VVAL football game against Petaluma!
  • Saturday: Dance starting at 8, ending at 10:30! In Pfeiffer Gym!