Pool Possibilities Grow Nearer

Justin Cox, News Editor

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  Students may be diving into a long awaited school pool sooner rather than later, as the Sonoma Valley Unified School District are negotiating with Sonoma Splash to construct a new pool.

  The Sonoma community has been clamoring for a community pool for years, and SVHS water polo and swim teams both have had to use off campus pools for practices, meets, and games.

   Andrew Powers, senior, stated, “I think it’s great, the sooner the high school can get a pool for its sports teams, the better.”

  Sonoma Splash attempted to construct a pool at the site of the old Paul’s Resort, but due to a series of obstacles, the project fell through.

  While plans are not concrete as of now, the current plan is to construct two pools, a “learn to swim” pool and a regulation sized one for the high school teams and community.

  Powers added, “I’m glad that the community is finally joining together to get this done for Sonoma.”

  The project is estimated to cost a total of $9 million dollars, all the more reason of the two parties to collaborate on the project.

  Despite details not being set in stone, this is a huge set for the community and the high school as the project has left the diving board.

Justin Cox, News Editor

My name is Justin Cox, and I am a senior at Sonoma Valley High School. I am the news editor for the Dragon’s Tale and in the past, I typically write...

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Pool Possibilities Grow Nearer