Beloved SVHS Shop Teacher Mr. Lea Passes Away

Aidan Griggs-Demmin, Co-head Editor, News Editor

    Longtime SVHS shop teacher Mr. Lea was a well-liked teacher, an important colleague, a devoted parent, and a stellar role model for every student who was a part of his class.

  He taught metal shop for all 18 years of his tenure at SVHS. In a school that has endured turmoil and change during that time period, he always offered a feeling of stability to students and staff.

  Junior shop student Jake Brown stated that Mr. Lea was “very open to letting students experiment with projects even if they were unlikely to work, which was really helpful for learning more.” 

   As a teacher, students had nothing but good things to say about him. His hands-on, curiosity-driven approach to teaching made his classes a way for every type of student to find something they are passionate about.

   This teaching style made him very well-liked by his students. 

   The students in shop class admired this about him, as he “believed in giving everyone a fair chance,” assured senior Sam Richards.

   The most important aspect of an elective class like metal shop is whether or not it is enjoyable for the students – and Mr. Lea never failed to entertain and excite. 

   Brown concluded that Mr. Lea ultimately always “made the class interesting and fun to be a part of. We will miss him very very much.”